Social Media

Hello, friends. I’ve never formally addressed this on Yellow Eccentricity, but social media and I… well, it’s better that we keep going our separate ways. When I was younger and Instagram was becoming “a thing,” all of my friends pressured me to get one, and I felt almost like I’d lose all my friends if I didn’t join the trend.


So, one year, I got my first Instagram, and honestly, it was so much different back then than it is now, from what I’ve seen (You can like people’s comments? When the heck did this happen?!) So, this was back in the earlier years of Instagram when it was less about posting selfies and more about just posting. The users’ faces weren’t really featured as much as where they were going or what they were eating (Which is still a thing on Instagram, but the selfie dominates social media nowadays).

So what did we do instead of selfies? We…well, there were those accounts that just posted stock images. And these images could be of anything: a really cool dress, a hairstyle, nail art (which was my jam) and other random things we thought would look cool on our pages. I was one of those people (amongst several others) who would copy and paste the stock images from one account and post them to mine. Now, of course in my bio, I had a little disclaimer saying that most of the pictures weren’t mine, which is what all the kids did, but looking back, it’s extremely embarrassing.

So after I locked myself out of that account, I created a new one a year later, even though I knew my parents would never allow it. I kid you not, I had that account for no less than three days before I had to delete it. I was devastated, to say the least. I already felt so different from the other kids at my school and was considered really weird, so not having an Instagram made me feel like I was really missing out. I didn’t listen to the same pop music as all my friends so I couldn’t relate, I didn’t watch the same shows as them, but then no Instagram?


Earlier in that same year, I discovered that most of my friends were also on this little thing called Snapchat. Snapchat was, and still is, an extremely excessive and confusing app that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to take part in. I remember you could search other users (sorry, I don’t know what it’s like finding people now), but you had to do it by their exact name, otherwise, you couldn’t add them as a friend. I couldn’t find any of my friends, so I took a picture, and clicked on my name.

I had Snapchatted myself.

One of my friends at the time took a look at my account, saw what I had done, and said, “What the heck were you doing?”

Needless to say, I pretty much gave up on Snapchat after that and haven’t gone back since. A friend recently taught me how to send a picture, so sometimes (with their permission, of course) I’ll go on my friends’ Snapchats and send people pictures, but I quite literally can’t do much else.

A reason for me not going to Snapchat now is because of what it’s become. I’ll be reading things, and there are so many first world problems related to Snapchat it’s kind of dizzying. There will be people complaining about “being left on read,” people being something called “dipped” (which I learned the definition of, and realized that I “dip” people quite a bit on text message) and how annoying it is when the object of your affections only messages you on Snapchat and nothing else. Apparently, asking for someone’s Snapchat is the equivalent to asking someone out these days.


I think a few of you might have heard of this app. It’s a photo sharing app that allows you to edit and post photos onto your own portfolio page. I don’t post extremely often, because I don’t really like calling it social media.

I first joined a little over a year ago because a friend of mine noticed I liked photography and suggested I check it out. VSCO is definitely different from Instagram in the sense that you can follow people, but there are no numbers (unless you want to manually count how many followers you have) and you can’t comment on a photo. If you like something, you can star it or reblog it, but, again, there are no numbers (unless you want to manually count from your photo’s activity).

Recently, though, VSCO has really changed. It’s now a platform for girls to post really deep things to their Collections in hope that a boy they like will somehow read it and know all about them. They post pictures of them with their friends, looking happy (which I’m always slightly jealous of because I spend far too much time alone to be able to regularly post pictures with my friends). I fear it’s become almost as toxic as Instagram. VSCO has become the new place to let everyone know how you’re doing, and…it’s actually somewhat exhausting. A lot of the images from my previous photography posts are shaped in interesting ways or lit differently because they were previously posted on VSCO.


OF COURSE, I HAVE A PINTEREST. Oh my gosh, Pinterest is where I can gush over Tom Hiddleston, look at recipes I’ll never be able to make, and find recycled memes screenshotted from Tumblr. Honestly, Pinterest is my salvation. Pinterest is my home. People say I sound like a millennial mom when I say stuff like that, which is hilarious, but true.

My True Feelings

Sometimes, I feel like I’m a post-millennial born at the wrong time. I don’t know, I just really don’t relate to the people my age. I’m not obsessed with social media, because I feel like it can change a person. “I feel like crap in real life? Okay, I guess I can go on to Instagram and make it look like everything’s perfect.” I don’t know, but there are so many bad things social media can do to a person, especially one who constantly looks at the pages of people who just seem to have a perfect life. 

Now, I understand the benefits of social media when it comes to marketing jobs and businesses, and getting things out there, but I’m not sure if I’ll join just for fun anytime soon.

All of my friends know I feel this way, and have been trying to convince me of otherwise forever, but I just…really don’t like it. The scariest thing, though, is that someone could very well be talking trash about me on one of these sites, and…I really doubt any of my friends would tell me if that were so, which makes me sad, but it’s the truth.

I feel like I’m making it seem like I’m completely above social media, which is not what I’m saying at all. It just scares me how dependent on it some people seem, and how technology-based my life is already. I feel like social media will just suck me into a hole I won’t be able to get out of.

I wonder if any of you can relate? I’m not really expecting much, but if anyone has their own opinions on social media, please feel free to let me know.

I just have one question for all of you who love your phones: When you’re constantly looking down at those small screens, what are you doing? I don’t have nearly enough stuff on my phone (besides PINTEREST) to keep me totally occupied for such a long period of time.

Like always, Cec ❤

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