Welp…It’s Been TWO YEARS!

Dear loyal friends,

I’d like to thank you for staying by my side for the past two years I’ve been blogging as Yellow Eccentricity. I was inspired on this day in 2016 with an idea, and it took off from there. Last year, as some of you might remember, I baked a cake, which was a lot of fun, and especially delicious, but today I’d just like to thank you all.

When life seemingly got in the way and I stopped posting as often as I used to, some of you stuck by me and inspired me to pull through and let the inspiration flow once again. You all motivate me to tackle different topics and do different things, and I’d definitely not be the person I am today without your support.

As we enter my third year in the blogging community, I’d like to change a few things. For one, I’ll try my hardest to write twice a week, and if not, then once. I’d like to change the format of Yellow Eccentricity (even though I have several times) to make it even more colorful and welcoming to all who visit.

I’d like for you to learn more about me, and understand where I’m coming from as a writer. There are so many things I’ve taken interest in throughout my life, and Yellow Eccentricity has been an amazing outlet for me to share, describe, and discover new wonders of the art world.

Please take with you my gratitude and respect for supporting me for these two years, and never forget how much I appreciate you.

Cec ❤ ❤

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