Movie Review: Jurassic Park

Hey, friends. So for those of you who’ve read my book review on Jurassic Park, you know that I analyzed both the book and the movie for a biology final I had to complete this year (got a 92% on that, pretty proud of myself).

Now, this film has been given so much credit over the years, and I find it incredibly interesting that the producers of the movie bought the rights to it before Michael Crichton’s novel was even done! This definitely explains why the novel was released in 1990, and the movie came out a short 3 years later.

So, as usual, I strongly recommend you read the novel by Michael Crichton before watching the movie, because, as I’ve realized, when they explain certain things, it’s definitely not as in-depth as the book, and some of the purposes of the characters are completely lost to the audience.

Now, this movie was pretty phenomenal, despite having the animation quality you’d definitely expect from a 1993 movie, but the acting makes it worth your time. If you’d like a summary on the book, check out my Jurassic Park book review I posted a couple of days ago (don’t worry, it’s spoiler-free). jurasicparkmovie-01

There are, as to be expected, some inconsistencies with the characters. For example, one character was completely taken out of the movie, which made another character have to take on his responsibilities, making another character take on his responsibilities, which means that a character died in the movie that didn’t even die in the book. Frankly, that wasn’t really a big deal or change to the plot, but of course, I was a little more critical considering I wanted a good grade on this project AND had just finished the book the night before. Some dinosaur breeds were taken out of the movie, specifically one (the procompsognathus?) that’s pretty significant in the book, I suppose…?

But watch the movie. It does a really good a job at giving you the same tension the book does as you truly concern for the characters’ lives, and keep reading (and watching) to find out what comes next. I’m currently trying to read Jurassic Park: The Lost World, which I’ve heard is a phenomenal book, but a not-so phenomenal movie, so *shrugs* we’ll just have to find out!

Thanks for reading,

Love, Cec ❤

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