Book Review: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

Hello friends! So this year for my biology class, we didn’t have to take a final. Instead, we had to do a biology-themed project which would be graded as our final. I decided to read Jurassic Park and watch the movie, and then analyze the scientific accuracy and just share all of the research done while completing the project.park7.jpg

So, for the few of you out there who have neither read the book nor seen the movie, Jurassic Park is a 1990 novel about a company called InGen, owned by John Hammond. Hammon has had the genius idea to create a theme park about dinosaurs, but instead of using robot models, he’s decided to use paleo-DNA to clone dinosaurs that lived during the Mesozoic era and breed them at the park for public enjoyment. He’s named it Jurassic Park.

The dinosaurs are contained with 12-foot electric fences, and he has 15 different kinds. About a year before the park is supposed to open, Hammond invites a few different scientists to the park to check it out, take a tour, and give him some of their ideas on how to make it even more successful. Tragedy, unfortunately, quickly strikes when one of the visitors turns on the rest, resulting in a fatal power outage that allows all of the dinosaurs to roam freely in the park.

For those of you who are into a nice science fiction book, this is absolutely perfect for you, and those of you who are just looking for a nice summer read, this is great for you as well. Jurassic Park was absolutely amazing and is definitely worthy of all the attention it has gotten in the 28 years since its release. It mixes science with entertainment and sprinklings of humor throughout and leaves you wanting so much more. It’s incredibly suspenseful, the movie even more so.

I finished this book in about three days, which (I hope) got me out of this reading slump I’ve been in for, like, a year and a half. The fact that I finished it so quickly might be more because of my project deadline, but reading about 200 pages at a time wasn’t just because of the desire for a good grade. I would enclose for you my written project, but that’s 20 pages of science and explanations, and I doubt y’all will find it as interesting as I did while writing it. 😉

The only thing I’d warn you about is that the beginning is a bit slow, but you just need to get past the setting up of the plot and background knowledge so you can really get into the story later. I promise you that this book isn’t a waste of your time.

I think that I’ll give this book a 9.5 out of 10, a 95%, simply because I’m too afraid to give out a perfect score. I’m not saying this book isn’t worth a perfect score, I’m just afraid to set my bar so high.

If you’ve already read this book, please, feel free to let me know what you thought of it, and if you’re thinking about it, go for it! I’ll see you soon,


Cec ❤

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

  1. Great review! I totally love this book, I’m such a sucker for dinosaurs ever since I was a child. Have you read any of the other Michael Crichton novels?

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    1. Ooh, if I am being completely honest with you, I checked out Jurassic Park: The Lost World from my local library maybe…six and a half weeks ago? Basically, I had to renew it at the end of June, and I thought I was all set to read it this month, buT…about 30 pages from the end my interest just fizzled out. I’m actually incredibly disappointed, but the book just didn’t do the same to me as the first one did. I returned the book to the library yesterday. 😦

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