Finding Your Style

Hey, friends. At my school, quite a few of my friends comment on my outfits, saying they like my style and things like that, and, honestly, I love it. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered my overall style and what I always go back to, which is bold. I love colors and patterns, I’ll wear colors that “clash” like purple and yellow together, and mix patterns that generally wouldn’t work.

See, if you’re extremely confused on your style of clothing, or you want a new one, or even if you just want to experiment a little, I recommend you keep reading to try to help yourself out a little bit.



The most important thing I’ll tell you right now is to find your favorite piece of clothing in your closet. Find that thing that you own that you love the most (it might be hard, take your time) and try to build an outfit around it. For example, if you choose a black skirt that comes down to your mid-thigh, try different ways to dress it up or down. You can make it seem more casual by tucking a white t-shirt into it and putting on a pastel cardigan with some Oxfords, or you can dress it up a bit with a collared floral blouse, ankle boots, and a fashion blazer. Whichever you feel most comfortable wearing.


Try to seek inspiration from a style icon. Use that computer, look up some famous names and find the style you feel best describes what you feel most comfortable in. You can have an eye for Megan Markle’s sleek, sophisticated black color palette, or Matilda Lutz’s bold, colorful look, or even Millie Bobby Brown’s sweet and girly style. Look up some fashion icons from this year or even years past to find the style that most describes what you like. Remember: this isn’t about copying these icons, it’s about taking their styles and mixing and matching them to match what you like best.



Clean out your closet. Look at the clothes you have and toss the things that either don’t fit, you don’t like, or you just haven’t worn in the past year or two. Be careful with this; it’s better to give your clothes away or donate them to thrift stores than to get rid of less than you want. I know your goal is to start fresh, but you don’t want to empty half your closet and wish you hadn’t gotten rid of that one thing in the very back. Maybe while you’re at the thrift store you can look there for some bold pieces that could fill some of the new spaces you have in your closet now.


Skinnier doesn’t mean prettier. So what if you’re not a size 2? If you see that cropped top and you like it, try it on! Don’t limit yourself because of your size, because that’ll just depress you in the long run. If you feel good wearing a bodysuit, wear a bodysuit. If you want to wear that cool bikini but you’re afraid you’ll get judged, whether it be your legs, your back, or anything in between…ignore it. If you want to wear it, then nothing can stop you but yourself.

Did any of these tips help you? Please let me know!

Yellow Eccentricity ❤


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