My Favorite YouTubers!!

Hey, friends! So today I thought I’d share with you some of the YouTubers I watch every single day and genuinely enjoy, so here we go!

(I am subscribed to most of these people, while the others I keep going back to every single day. It takes a lot for me to subscribe. 😉 )



I’ve mentioned Christine before, but in case you don’t know of her, she’s a part of “BookTube” which means she’s kind of like a book blogger, but on YouTube. I started watching her about four years ago, and I haven’t been able to stop. There are some book reviews of hers that I just go back to whenever I’m upset because her humor is spot on and her book analysis is amazing.



This channel I noticed for its hilarious pranks, but it documents a three-person family – Austin, Catherine, and their daughter, Elle, as they do things like pull pranks on each other and participate in challenges. The first video by them I ever saw was a prank Austin pulled on Catherine by hiding inside a giant teddy bear and scaring her. It was absolutely hilarious, and I strongly recommend you watch their videos.



So, back when they were on Buzzfeed, I LOVED watching Ladylike. It was so interesting to me, and I loved the type of videos they produced. Now that they have their own separate channel, I wasted no time in subscribing and watching every single one of their videos. The perks of them being a Buzzfeed channel is the fact that they post three times a week, so you can never be bored with them.



Brooklyn and Bailey are identical twins who started YouTube about four and a half years ago, and just recently started releasing their own music. I first watched them a couple of years back, and then got back into the groove when they did one of those daily vlog “Countdown to Christmas” events during which I tuned in for every single one and promptly subscribed.



This is another Buzzfeed channel, but, guys – it’s food. This channel provides us with fairly simple recipes in a series of four or more in less than five minutes, and it’s so great and satisfying to watch. I mean, honestly, I haven’t made any of the stuff I’ve seen so far, but it’s so fun to watch.



So, most of you know that I love the band Pentatonix – I’ve only gushed about them a thousand times – but two of their members, Mitch and Scott, started their own channel where they do Q&As, music covers, comedy, and, as of recently, original music! Actually, they’ve made two seven-song EPs – part one released last month, and part two will come out in September. These two are absolutely hilarious, so if you’re in need of a laugh, look them up.



This is another satisfying food channel. Yolanda, the featured person on this channel, makes large, extravagant cakes tied together through a theme every Tuesday for her viewers, has her own merch, and ties in some nice humor as well. This is a channel that can make even a full person hungry for cake, and Yolanda is so so talented.



Studio C is a comedy show written by and starring ten friends from Utah (BYU). They produce family friendly skits on their YouTube channel, and, trust me, you could never be bored binge-watching them. They have hours and hours of content on their channel for your enjoyment, so pop on over if you’re interested.


So, my friends, comment down below if you’ve seen any of these people OR if you’re just finding out about them. Honestly, I consider myself pretty hard to truly impress, so I wouldn’t recommend these people if I didn’t tune into their channels daily. 


Yellow Eccentricity ❤

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