12 Fun Things To Do Alone This Summer

Hey, friends! So, as promised, I’ve decided to do a post on things to do alone this summer, because sometimes you just need a nice refresher from the world of social interaction. For example: I don’t really expect to see much of any friends until early August, so until then, I’ll try to knock off things on this list to keep myself occupied. 🙂

Take a class

This is a great way to start a new activity that you’ve never had much time for before, and there are so many different things to choose from: you can take a cooking class, arts and crafts, film and TV, sewing, anything.

Get in shape

Summer’s a great time to reinvent myself, and it’s fine if you don’t but I would always feel really…left behind when I’d come to school for the new year and see how different everyone looked, while I still looked the same as I did back in June. This summer my goal is to lose some weight, and my family joined a gym and I go there pretty much every other day.

Binge a TV show

I know that I literally just suggested getting in shape, but you have time to binge watch all of those shows that you’ve only heard good things about. I know there are so many shows my friends are obsessed with that I have yet to watch.

Go to a gig/concert and dance like crazy

You’re alone, therefore no one should know you. Take the night to be who you want to be, and not the person you show people. Let loose!

Paint, write, draw, sketch

Even if you aren’t the best at being creative, everyone has an inner muse in there somewhere, and use the warm weather to create some beautiful work of your own.

Stir up some new drink recipes

Whether they be cocktails or mocktails, try some new fruity drinks to get you in the summer mood for summer fun.

People watch

I’m totally guilty of going to the beach, putting on those dark sunglasses and just taking advantage of no one being able to see my eyes by people watching. Sit back, relax with a nice iced tea, and test your observational skills.


Get a blanket, go outside, and look up at the stars. I’m not saying you should go and start identifying constellations and all that, unless you want to, but relax a bit and look at the universe beyond.

Make a summer soundtrack

Listen around on Spotify or Pandora and find a new sound for the summer. I’ve already mentioned my…eclectic taste in music in a previous post, and those were, for the most part, songs I’ve discovered within the past couple months.

Visit a farmer’s market

Pick out some nice organic foods to incorporate into a summer salad, or (if you’re not into salad 😉 ) find a new something you’ve always wanted to try. The thing about the summer is that, for most people, it’s some nice downtime to try new things.

Take more pictures!

Come on, even if you live here, take some pictures of those areas you never knew were so beautiful until now.


Get in your car, set that GPS, and take some time away from everything. I’m not saying you should book a thousand dollar flight to a different country, but hey, #Discover, right?

I hope all of you loners have fun with this list, and though there are so many things to do with friends, taking some time alone is fun, too. As usual, let me know if you attempt any of the things on this list, and if you have any more suggestions for me.

Yellow Eccentricity ❤

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