10 Fun Things To Do With Friends This Summer

Hey, guys! So, this summer, I kind of expected that I’d be doing nothing. I mean, I joined a group, and I have rehearsals starting at the end of this month, and I’m pretty much booked up with rehearsals and vacation for the month of August, but my friends always seem to be going to faraway places over the break, and I thought I wouldn’t see any of them until the first day of school.

Recently, I’ve realized that most of my friends are still here, at least for the time being, and that there are so many things to do when your friends are here. I’ve been inspired to make a list of ideas for those of you that like to hang out with your friends, but have nothing to do.


Go to a carnival or a festival

The fun thing about the summer time is that there always seems to be some sort of an event going on in your town, whether it be a moving carnival or a music festival. Look up a local one for a good price and see if you can get in.

Have a cookout/potluck

Invite over some friends, have your parents cook up some stuff on the grill, and have a meal outside with music and fun. This definitely guarantees some great summer memories. For a potluck, invite friends over OR go to a local park and have everyone bring at least one dish. Indulge in the treats y’all brought, and don’t forget plates!

Try out a recipe

Cooking with friends can sometimes be a bit trying, but hop on over to Pinterest and look up a nice new recipe to try out with your friends. You can have fun baking and get the benefit of being able to eat your creations afterwards.

Set up a lemonade stand

Mix up a nice, refreshing brew of lemonade to sell to earn yourselves some dough this summer. Afterwards, you can…

Go to the mall!

Meet at a friend’s house and carpool to the mall together, do some shopping. Try some window shopping. For those broke friends, you’ve got so many options, including the main few:

  • Gift cards
  • Get a job
  • Don’t shop 😉

Go on a bike ride

Now, I don’t know how to ride a bike, but get some friends with bikes together, find a scenic neighborhood to ride through, and get pedaling! You can have fun, take pictures, and get in some good exercise.

Do a clothing swap

Get together your friends, bring some clothes you don’t like, and have a little barter. You can swap clothing, shoes…and it’s totally fine if you aren’t the same size as your friends. You can also swap accessories, jewelry (clean earring backs first) and books. Quick tip: don’t swap your makeup!

Have a movie marathon

Pick a friend’s house to go to, bring all your favorite movies (or queue your titles on Netflix for viewing) pop some popcorn, get soda and candy, and get comfortable!

Try a new food place

Look up great restaurants near you on Google and pool your money (or your parents’ money) for a small meal at a new place.

Create a summer bucket list

Meet up, find some paper and a pen, and get to writing! Think of things that you see only happen in movies, and keep it as bizarre as possible (this might be more achievable if one of you owns a car and can drive it.) for the utmost satisfaction. Then…

do it!!

I really hope you guys have fun with this list, let me know if you decide to do anything on it, and tell me how it worked out. In a couple days I also might post a list of fun things to do this summer alone, because, let’s be real: what are the chances of your friends being around to use this list to your disposal every single day of the summer? I know my friends wouldn’t all be free, and I’m too awkward of a person to only go out with one friend at a time, you know?

Ha, anyway, see you guys next time,

Yellow Eccentricity ❤

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