Mall Haul | Bath & Bodyworks, Old Navy

Hey, friends! Today, I’ve decided to do my first post that isn’t related to books (that’s probably not true, but let’s just go with it) and haul the items I bought from Old Navy and Bath and Bodyworks. I purchased a total of nine items from B&B, and six items from Old Navy, so we’ve got lots of pictures for you today!

((Hey, Cec from 2018 here. So I accidentally deleted all of my gallery pictures – stupid, I know – but I also deleted them from my computer. Sorry, but the pictures just won’t be visible for this one.))

Let’s get onto the haul!

(Gosh, I’m literally a YouTuber…)

white barn bag

Starting with Bath and Bodyworks, we have three shower gels from their new French scent line…

(Just letting you know in advance, there’s a playset in my backyard, so please excuse it from it’s recurring cameo in my very professional photo shoot.)

la collection francaise

So, the next three pictures are of the French Riveria scent from above, but with a lotion. Though I had never heard of these scents before, I couldn’t stop obsessing over them once I saw that the display was for 75% off, which meant this stuff cost, like, three bucks.

Then, to the right, I bought a little bit of another new line Bath and Bodyworks is doing, which incorporates natural oils to make distinct scents. I already have a set of Jasmine & Green Apple from this natural line, so today I bought Wildberry & Chamomile and Lavender & Sandalwood.

I also bought Vanilla Bean room spray (an old favorite. I highly recommend their room sprays.) and a new yellow shower loofah.

all bb products

Now, I have the Old Navy products!

old navy bag

So, first up, I have two high-waisted bathing suit bottoms in black and teal. Don’t freak out, they aren’t pairs of underwear I wanted to show you (because, strangely enough, I don’t shop for underwear) they are bathing suit bottoms. 😉black and teal bathing suit bottoms

Now, we have two shirts. The first is a simple dark blue t-shirt I got for lazy days, or for those times I want to be comfy around the house. I then bought an amazing purple and blue bohemian-style (or boho-chic, if you will) blouse with elastic around the wrists, so I can set the sleeve length and two tasseled strings hanging down in the front.

Then I bought a pair of athletic capris so I would have more to workout in this summer. Getting ready for the new school year in more ways than one!

*thumbs up*purple paisley athletic capris

Followed by what is soon to be my favorite piece in my whole closet, overall shorts! I’m telling you, I’ve wanted a pair of these (a pair? a set?) for the longest time, but I could never find my size. denim overalls

So, in all, I hope you liked this post. Smash the like button or type out a comment if you want to see more videos like this. This is Yellow Eccentricity signing out until Monday morning.


Yellow Eccentricity ❤

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