My Favorite Movies (Part 1)

Hey, friends! So, today I had a nice thought while I was in Barnes in Noble: a list of my favorite movies! There are just those movies that I have to turn on when I see them on the TV guide, there are those that have a special place in my childhood life, and then there are those kids movies that I still watch to make me feel happy. Sooo…

Let’s get on to the list!


Cheaper By the Dozen 2 (2005)

So, this one is a little strange because I only listed the sequel. I’m not sure, I guess it’s just the fact that I’ve always wanted a large family with a lot of siblings to be friends with, so the idea of having 11 siblings and going on a giant family vacation makes me feel so happy inside. I kid you not, I have the whole score memorized, and I’ve seen this movie at least 100 times, no exaggeration. There was one weekend in sixth grade where I had to work on a project, and I wanted to get a head start, so I planted myself in the family room, worked on my scrapbook, and watched Cheaper By the Dozen 2 on a never-ending loop.


The Baby Sitters Club (1995)

If I were to be scrolling through the guide and I saw this movie, I would definitely put it on. This is more of an ‘I’m so bored, what movie should I watch?’ kind of thing. I mainly watch this movie late at night. I remember being a little kid, and always seeing these books on the shelf at summer camp and reading a couple.


The DUFF (2015)

This is also a late-night movie, because it literally only comes on HBO at night! Apparently this was originally a book, and this definitely isn’t a movie to watch in front of your parents, but I really love the portrayal of high school in this movie. Sometimes, I really do feel like a DUFF among my friends, so this movie is just so relatable to me.


Revenge of the Bridesmaids (2010)

Raven-Symoné acts in this hilarious story about three friends getting revenge on their childhood frenemy when they find out that the man she’s marrying is one of their closest friend’s ex-boyfriend, and that they’re still in love. I first saw this movie while alone in my cabin on a Disney Cruise a couple of years back, and it never seizes to amuse me.


The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008)

I think one of the main reasons I love this movie so much is because 1) I read the book, and 2) I love the soundtrack. Out of all three Narnia movies, this is the second one, and, frankly, the best one. It’s based off of the fourth book of the series, though the order is sometimes debated. Unfortunately, it probably comes on live TV the least of the three, since the first movie comes on literally every couple of days, and I have the third one on DVD so I can watch it whenever. I remember that when I was little, I had the biggest crush on William Moseley, who played Peter Pevensie.


Clueless (1995)

I love this movie so much. I mean, I’m not sure, but I feel most might be turned off by the cliché ‘ugly duckling gets makeover and becomes high school princess’ story, though I really like it.


Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging (2008)

I remember being a little kid watching TeenNick (though I had to do it in secret. I wasn’t allowed to watch anything with the word ‘teen’ in it.) and seeing a commercial for a feature of this movie. Now, for those of you that have seen this movie know that there’s a scene where the main character pays this boy to give her first kiss, and that scene is pretty intense. So, of course, that scene was in the trailer. Seeing people kiss each other like that really disgusted me as a kid, so I always steered clear of this movie, but recently I found it on Netflix, so I watched it for the first time about a month ago, and instantly fell in love.

So, guys, I’ll just have you know that this is only the first part of my favorite movies, and that I’ll update my list later and possibly do a separate list with my favorite TV shows. 🙂

Thank you guys so much for reading this, tell me in the comments if you’ve seen any of these movies and your thoughts on it.

I’ll see you Thursday!

Yellow Eccentricity ❤

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