Throwback Review: The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Hey, guys. I’ve decided to start a new little segment on my blog called Throwback Reviews. Basically, their just like book reviews, but it’s more like me giving you a spoiler-free rundown of the book and how I liked it, and less of an overall thoughts sort of thing. They’re also longer than book reviews, as I’m giving you guys as much information about these books as possible.

Also, these reviews are still found under the ‘Books!’ tab up top, and are linked to ‘book reviews,’ so they’re in the same spot as my normal reviews. These reviews are also written purely from memory with the help of some fan wikis (I had to look up info about the quest for Hera, you’ll understand below).

Alright, let’s get into the review:

So, I’m gonna give you the simple rundown: the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series was written about a boy named Percy Jackson (duh) and the Heroes of Olympus series is another five-book collection written by the same author as a spin-off.

The Lost Hero definitely isn’t my favorite book in the HoO series, but it’s not my least favorite (It’s ranked 4th out of the 5 books for me). It starts off at a high school that’s on a field trip to Arizona, where we meet three new characters–Jason, Piper, and Leo. Jason, the main character, it seems, wakes up on the bus sitting next to Piper and near Leo, and has no recollection of who he is and how he got there. After an incident at the Grand Canyon, the three kids are whisked off to Camp Half-Blood after a distressed and disappointed Annabeth Chase comes by thinking her boyfriend of four months, Percy Jackson is there. We soon learn that he’s gone missing, and no one knows where he is.

Alright, so I’ll tell you right now that these three kids are demigods (The story wouldn’t be about them if they weren’t) and they’re assigned to a quest:

Child of lightning, beware the earth,
The giants’ revenge, the seven shall birth,
The forge and dove shall break the cage,
And death unleash through Hera’s rage.

The main goal is to free Hera from the goddess Khione’s grasp, who is known for betraying the Olympians and taking the giants’ side. Along the way, they meet Medea and King Midas, and we learn a lot more about the characters’ insecurities, as well as their hardships and passions.

Though the demigods though they got a break after Kronos, the sons of Gaea, the giants, have awoken and are ready to start their plans to conquer Olympus.

So, being completely honest, as someone who has already completed the series, I really hate Jason and Piper. Just so you know (don’t worry, this “spoiler” is discovered on the first page) they’re a couple, and they might as well be one of the most annoying book characters I’ve ever read. I dislike them as separate people and as a couple, and I can’t help but feel like their relationship seems a little…one-sided.

The fun thing about this book was seeing Camp Half-Blood and the things we’ve come so accustomed to from reading the PJO series through the eyes of new characters. Yes, we saw Percy first see Camp Half-Blood, but that was before we knew so much. We also finally get to see the new cabins for the children of the lesser gods such as Hecate and Iris, as well as a new cabin 13 for Hades.

So, like many of the other people who jumped right into reading this book directly after the PJO series, I was pretty disappointed in the fact that Percy, my favorite character, wasn’t in the book, and I definitely went through some doubts about reading it at all towards the middle when I realized that I loathed 2/3 of the main characters, but this book is crucial to get to Percy in The Son of Neptune and the amazing reunion and epic battles and drama of The Mark of Athena. 

So, for those skeptics out there who’ve finished The Last Olympian and need more of that world, this series is definitely worth the time, and though the books are larger, you’ll fly through them, especially once you get to the third book (It’s my favorite in the series, and I flew through it in three days).

So, I bid you all peace and love until I next post!

Yellow Eccentricity ❤

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