Branching Out

Hey, friends, so I have to clarify something, mainly because I’d be pretty upset if a blog I followed started doing this and didn’t tell me.

So, about an hour and a half ago, I cleaned up my site, and changed the tagline at the top of my blog. It now reads “Yellow Eccentricity–books, movies, photography, and lifestyle.” I realized that I’ve been posting about so many different topics that seem to come out of nowhere, so I wanted to let you know that this is a little bit of an everything site, with a little centralized focus around the literary world of books and movies.

I’m sorry if this little blip of an announcement annoyed you, and you’re just scanning through it so I don’t feel bad (I’m definitely guilty of that, don’t worry.) but I felt I needed to be clear on this.

As I move forward in my life, my interests and activities shift and change, and so will the topics of my posts, so…


Love you,

Yellow Eccentricity ❤

1 thought on “Branching Out

  1. Also, I just wanted to let y’all know that I’ve *finally* established a blogging schedule. So, this summer, I’ll be posting on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 10 am, starting this week, so expect posts then. For those of you that won’t read this comment, I’ll make sure it’s down here for my next couple of posts so people have time to read it. Keep in mind that this is my *summer* schedule, and that once school starts again, I’ll be changing it up. 😉

    Cec ❤

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