Book Review: Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Hello, friends! So, today I was at a track meet with Crooked Kingdom, and guess what happened…

I finished it!! 🤗

Finally, I finished the Six of Crows duology and, might I say, I’m pretty satisfied.

So, as per usual, this review will be spoiler-free assuming you’ve read the first book, sooo…if you haven’t finished Six of Crows, go away, finish it, come back, and I’ll be waiting.

So, this book is full of so many mysteries that were previously mentioned in SoC come to be resolved (or further complicated). It starts with the gang—plus Kuwei—figuring out how to get Inej back from Jan Van Eck, while Wylan is still disguised as a duplicate of Kuwei. They all continue to try to keep their motives a secret while weakening their greatest enemies, pursuing romantic feelings, and dealing with the setbacks of a complicated con.

Trust me, the build-up to the final mission of this book didn’t disappoint, and the way Leigh Bardugo manages to keep the dramatic details of the final heist a secret until the whole plan unfolds is amazing! Books like these are quite literally right up my alley.

We also got to see so much character development with Wylan, Jesper, Inez, and Kaz. We all know that Kaz wears his gloves because he can’t stand making contact with bare skin, but we go further in depth on why. Jesper is a Fabrikator, and he’s kept that a secret his entire life. How? There are so many backstories given and secrets told in the second installment, and it’s definitely worth it to read.

The only thing I’ve come to realize is that the SoC duology gets off to a pretty slow start. For both books, it took me about half the book to really get in the rhythm, and today, once I realized I was nearly done, my focus started to go elsewhere, which definitely prolonged the reading process. With these, I strongly advise that you take it a little slower—line by line—and soak in all the details. I actually ended up reading line by line by dragging my bookmark up and down the pages so my eyes didn’t stray from the words I was reading, confusing me like they always do.

So, don’t give up on this book. Actually, one of the reasons I kept reading it was because the same thing happened with Six of Crows: the beginning kind of dragged me down, but it only took a late night book binge to get me on track.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed the ending of this book, and I give it an 8 out of 10, or a 16 out of 20, or an 80 out of 100. 😉

Love you guys, and I’ll see you later this week,

Yellow Eccentricity ❤️


(Look at them, being adorable 😍 .)

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