Unpopular Bookish Opinions

Hey, friends! One thing I’ve definitely had to deal with while reading a lot of books is having the unpopular opinion among fans. Today, I just thought I’d compile a super short list of opinions that aren’t often shared by others, and see if anyone agrees with me.

One of the main things a lot of my friends would give me strange looks for is the fact that I don’t think John Green is as much of a literary genius as people make him out to be. I mean, honestly, both John and Hank Green are extremely smart people, as shown on their YouTube channel, but I feel like John’s books are exactly like him. The style in which his books are written is a direct reflection on the way he talks and holds himself, which is extremely intelligent, though the style of writing sometimes seems like he’s rambling, and the word choice can be a bit awkward. I read TFIOS in September 2014, and it was okay to say the most. I mean, it definitely wasn’t the best book I had read that year, but it wasn’t horrible. With Paper Towns, that was a book I definitely couldn’t put down. I read it two months later, on Black Friday, and I couldn’t put it down! On the other hand, with Looking for Alaska, I wasn’t exactly the most fond of the lack of plot and interesting character development. There seemed to be a lot of buildup to really small, insignificant things.

Something else that I strongly disagree with is calling Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley the “Golden Trio.” Ironically, the three aforementioned characters were my least favorite, and all had their flaws that just managed to annoy me at the worst of times. None of them were especially spectacular, and they all seemed keen on doing things to save the people around while also not telling the people around them that they were in danger in the first place. For example, Harry feels like if he were dead, then Voldemort would stop the war, and everything would be fine and perfect again. One thing I definitely argue about a lot is the fact that Voldemort wants power. One thing he tried to do the first time he wanted power was kill Harry, and that didn’t work out, so now killing Harry is at the top of his list for the second attempt. What Harry seems to not realize is the fact that even when he’s dead, the war will go on, and Voldemort will try to take control of the government. A trait that the three main characters seem to share is a great helping of ignorance, which is my biggest pet peeve.

This final opinion doesn’t really have anything to do with specific books, but it’s something I’ve seemed to pick up on while buying books. Apparently, I am extremely guilty with judging books by their covers. I know, that’s literally what people tell you not to do, but when I see a book on a shelf with a creepy face looking back at me, chances are, I won’t feel quite as comfortable with that book sitting on my shelf. Let me just say: the amount of amazing books with the ugliest covers is astonishing! I mean, the Harry Potter books are legendary, but those covers have got to be the ugliest things… I’m sorry, I’m being offensive to the artist.

Anyway, long story short, most of the books on my shelves don’t have faces on them, unless they’re The Selection series or Brian Selznick books.

To be completely honest with you, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if no one agreed with anything I just said. I mean, I’m honestly used to it, what with being someone who really likes to vocally express their strong opinions on things, and, I’ll admit, sometimes, that does make me a bit blind to the other side. So, if any of you disagree and have reasons about why, please, tell me in the comments! I’d genuinely love to hear from you!

Yellow Eccentricity ❤

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