Happy Birthday, Fred and George!

Hey, guys. Today is April 1st- April Fools’ Day- and I’m here today to celebrate what is the most amazing day of the month of April: Fred and George Weasleys’ birthday!

For those of you that have absolutely no idea who Fred and George are, they’re the older twin brothers to Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter series, and the best form of comic relief you’ve ever read.

Because they were born in ’78, this would officially be their- what?- 39th birthday? I still think of them as 20-year-olds, and it’s pretty hard for me to think of them as almost-40-year-olds, but…I’m getting there.

(Before you ask, yes, I did read all seven books. I’m in denial of what happened at the end of the seventh.)

Fred and George’s close relationship and connection was just so incredibly fascinating to me, they immediately became my favorite characters upon reading the first book. There are so many different sides to them, I feel, that the other characters just can’t see, and it both frustrates me and makes me excited when I imagine the rest of the Weasley family discovering that they really underestimated their twins.

So…Fred? George?- I leave you both to live the rest of your…days in peace. Wherever you may be.

Happy birthday!

Yellow Eccentricity ❤

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