do your homework; be nice to your friends; laugh as loud as you want to; be happy to be yourself; don’t feel ashamed; love yourself; it’s okay; your parents love you; never get caught up in the cruelty of the female species; keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer; don’t flat-iron your hair; your mom has to do it for you; don’t underestimate your abilities; did you do the dishes?; don’t be late for school!; always strive to be YOUR best, not someone else’s; reality isn’t a movie; make life worth living for; study; take out your clothes; did you study?; write more; try to read more books this year than last year; you’re beautiful the way you are; you’re never too young for love…; dream big; please don’t give up; …but you’re a bit young right now; stop being so boring; maybe show a bit of sympathy; try not to be so loud; try not to be so quiet; appreciate everything regret nothing; clean your room…

a short list of things I need to do

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