How Do I Buy Books?

Hello, friends! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in nearly three weeks, and I promise I won’t go on an unexpected hiatus like that again!

So, today’s post is going to be about buying books. Now, for those of you that read my post entitled  “The Library,” I buy most of my own books so that I can do whatever I want with my own personal copy of the book. There’s also the fact that it’s usually a new copy of the book, so there aren’t any ripped pages or weird smells.

The thing is with buying books in person at the bookstore is the quality. Something that really annoys me is when they have a whole series, but one book comes in a different edition than the others. For example, looking at my Legend trilogy copies, the first and third books are paperback, but my copy of Prodigy is hardback.

The process of picking out the perfect book for you is actually a simple 5 step process:

     1. Walk into the store with no idea of what you’re going to buy

Usually, I walk into a bookstore with a full mental list of everything I want to buy. I usually end up getting very little of those books, because I always seem to expect B&N to have every book that I want whenever I want it, when in reality, the books I’m looking for aren’t always in stock. Have low expectations, because it’s better to leave empty-handed than with a load of books you regret buying.

     2. Go into your respective book section and scan the spines

Usually, I go right into the teen section and start looking for attractive spines. I find a lot of the books that I end up liking have more attractive spines, therefore more attractive covers. Now, I’m definitely guilty of judging books by their covers, so that’s why we have step three…

     3. Read a lot of summaries!

This step is self-explanatory. Pick up the most random books and start scanning the summaries. You’ll be surprised with what you might find. 😉

     4. Find a book with limited imperfections

Especially for the books that are displayed cover-out as opposed to spine-out, never purchase the book in the very front! Sometimes that’s the only copy they have, but still check the book for folds, creases, and tears. Even if there’s nothing wrong with the book on the top, I never grab it because I know that the book closest to the people is more prone to being breathed on, touched, and just tampered with.  I know, I’m really picky, but if I’m paying $20 for a book, I expect quality reading materials.

     5. Get outta that place before you fall into book oblivion

See, I have a very large habit of staying in bookstores for hours. My brother once finished a book in Barnes and Noble once, which meant that he no longer had to buy it. Yeah, I’m that bad, so once you’ve got your books jet outta that place before you buy the whole store. Usually, I try to look to see which classics they have in the bargain book section, and I browse the bookmarks, leather journals, and magazines while my books are being rung up.

Obviously, I’m not tying to tell you guys what to do or how to buy your books. I’m telling you the strange rules I subconsciously follow whenever I find myself wanting to go shopping for books.

Nonetheless, I still hope you enjoyed it!


Yellow Eccentricity ❤

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  1. Yay! First post of the month! Hope you enjoyed it! ❤

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