The Library

Hello, friends! I’m here today with a story about libraries. See, in sixth grade, I went through this phase where I just loved to go to the library.  I would literally ask to go there every single day after school, and I’d check out about three books at a time.

See, in this story, I’m not completely dissing libraries – libraries are cool. They’re a nice way to read a book if you can’t afford it. I am just really really amazingly good at holding grudges because of my memory, so this is my over-dramatized version of me going to the library at my school.

So, for those of you that know of one of my older posts, The Book Bet, it was a story about how I challenged this guy to a Harry Potter reading competition and won. You’ll have to check the post out to get the whole story. Basically, all of the Harry Potter books I read were from my school library, or from the public library.

Those books are so freaking disgusting, it was crazy. The first book had this strange-looking yellow stain on the bottom of about 3/4 of the pages, and it was gross. Almost all the books has torn up covers despite being hardback, and to top it all off, they were so hard to find. 

A few months later, in seventh grade, my school librarian decided to be really mean to me. I’m not going to go very far into that, but I’ll just say that I was printing out a paper that was due for a class at the end of the day, and she reprimanded me about getting my work done on time, even though it totally wasn’t her place to.

After that, I vowed to never check anything out from the school library again.

I know, it seems harsh, but I’m the kind of person that gets frustrated very easily, and it was only a matter of time before she said something that really upset me. I’m not mean, just temperamental.

Now, even though nothing particularly bad happened to me in my township’s library, I don’t check stuff out from there, either, so if I’m reading a book, generally it’s one that I bought myself.

I’m not trying to sway you all into buying your own books, or into hating your own librarians. I’m telling you one of my infamously boring stories about my short-short boring life, and hoping people will like it. 😉

The thing with buying books, though, is discovering the art to buying the correct one, so I’ll put that in a different post on a later date (ehehe).


Yellow Eccentricity ❤

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