Movie Review: Hidden Figures

Hello, friends! So, yesterday afternoon, I saw Hidden Figures in the theater, and it was so inspiring. (This is a spoiler-free review, for those of you wondering.)

So, basically this movie takes place in 1961-62, in Hampton, Virginia. It follows the story of three African-American women, named Katherine Goble (Johnson), Dorothy Vaughn, and Mary Jackson. They were played by Taraji B. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monae respectively.

The three of them work in the computer room at NASA, along with the other African-American females that work at NASA. The three of them rise above, though, being known as star mathematicians and engineers, and all aided the mission of getting America up in space.

Of course, being African-American along with being women didn’t make things easier, and we get to see just how judgmental people were towards them because of their genders and races, and things that they had to do to succeed.

For example, we see Katherine run every day from the East Research Wing, where she was promoted, to the West Research Wing, where all the black people worked, and where the colored bathrooms were.

It was a half mile run every day.

Honestly, all three of these women managed to add humor along the way, and I couldn’t think of anyone else that could possibly live up to playing these three women as well as they did.

For those of you that didn’t know, this whole movie is true, which makes it even more interesting.

Leaving this movie, I honestly felt so empowered and confident.

I give it a 9.5 out of 10.

Please tell me what you thought of the movie, if you saw it, in the comments below.


Yellow Eccentricity ❤

1 thought on “Movie Review: Hidden Figures

  1. I really want to watch this movie! I saw the trailer the other day and I thought it looked amazing! Glad you liked it 😀


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