Shadowhunters | S02E03 – “Parabatai Lost”

I’m sitting here, watching the third episode of Shadowhunters, and I have so many things going through my head.

  1. Alec is in the infirmary, because something went wrong last episode when he tried to track Jace with his parabatai rune. Jocelyn was trying to go in there to see Isabelle because Clary wanted to talk to her, and Magnus said a few things that I particularly agreed with.
  2. First, Jocelyn said, “Clary’s back,” and Magnus went: “Ooh, Clary’s back. We can all go home now.
  3. Then, he gave Jocelyn a much-needed talking to about her priorities, and how she makes everyone fix problems that she made happen all the time. Honestly, I agreed with the whole thing, because Jocelyn is by far my least favorite character on the show so far.

-8:14 PM (EST).

  1. Jace met Maia, and when he gets a call from Clary saying that she’s back at the Institute and Alec is injured, he tries to get there right away. Unfortunately, a couple of other guys from the bar he met Maia at decided to beat him up.
  2. Simon’s mother keeps calling him to ask where he is, and Raphael tells him to think of the vampires as his family from then on. There’s no point in thinking about his mundane family anymore.
    1. Simon goes to his old family home, and finds it empty but for one bottle of vodka. He comes to the realization that his mother is drinking again, but he can’t find her.
  3. I can’t get over that flashback. While Alec is in his “coma” he has a flashback of him and Jace when they were younger, and decided to be parabatai.

-8:23 PM (EST)

I’m going to stop doing the play-by-play, and write down my reactions.

Jace was found injured after the bar fight, and a bunch of mundanes sent him to the hospital. The whole time, Jace insists that he doesn’t need to go, and that he needs to get to his brother. I mean, sure, I doubt there is anything the mundanes can do to heal Jace. I also know that something strange is going to happen if they run a blood test.

* 5 seconds later *

Jace tries to break out of the hospital?! A nurse catches him and tries to stop him, but when she turns around, she sees Maia, in all of her werewolf glory. And Maia is trying to attack Jace? What?!!

Honestly, when Jocelyn came to save him, I was done with surprises, so I thought nothing was out of the ordinary.

-8:32 PM(EST)

ANOTHER FLASHBACK!!! It goes back to Alec telling Izzy he’s calling off the parabatai ceremony, and she finds out that he’s in love with Jace. She tells him that somebody is going to love him so much, and that he shouldn’t walk away from Jace because of this one thing. These little flashbacks make me so happy! I love watching them when they were younger, and it gives us so much more background with the characters.

I felt the tension between Simon and Raphael when Simon met with his mother, to find that Raphael already came up with an alibi for him. Simon was supposed to be looking for Camille, not his mother.

-8:44 PM (EST)

All of us that watched season one and read the books knew that Luke and Valentine were parabatais in a past life, but in this episode, we have him address it a little when he talks of Valentine’s manipulative qualities.

Maia is still angry at Jace for killing Gretel, that white-haired wolf that he stabbed in the last episode, but everyone is trying to convince her that it was Valentine that killed her by manipulating Jace, and not Jace himself.

Izzy comes, looking all badass, to bring Jace back.

This little piece of the show was really, really, really short.

-8:52 PM (EST)

*Crazy talk*


*End crazy talk*

Jace finally gets to Alec, and we have one last flashback where Alec is late to the parabatai ceremony.

I’m internally screaming as Jace goes up to Alec, and performs something like a mock-parabatai ceremony.

Alec starts to slip away as Jace recites the words, and my heart is beating so fast.


But Jace keeps on reciting the ceremony.


This is the most dramatic thing ever.

He woke up, and finished the ceremonial speech with Jace.

I feel like this scene was even more emotional than Malec’s kiss in the first season.

Then, that dumbass Aldertree comes back in to arrest Jace for everything Valentine made him do.


-8:59 PM (EST)

Honestly, this was probably the most emotional episode…I can’t even think right now.

I think this was the episode written by the new writers, and that’s why it was so much more intriguing.

Please tell me what you thought about this episode. I know my friend will ambush me during second period tomorrow about this episode, if she didn’t already send me a bunch of texts.

Well, I’m off to go do some homework. Until we next meet,

Yellow Eccentricity ❤

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