You know, Pinterest is the place.

See, on Wattpad, I started writing this story called Ambiguous. At first, I wanted the story to be kind of modernized Six of Crows, you know?

But recently, I’ve had a lot of free time to do stuff. I was in a pretty creative mood, today, so I thought, “Hey! Why don’t I update my story a million times, eh?”

I decided to take my story in completely different direction. Now, it’s a lot less action/adventure/heist story and more fantasy/action/thriller.

All thanks to Pinterest.

See, I was looking for people/drawings to represent the characters in the way that I eventually wanted them to be portrayed, and I ended up creating three new boards, one of which was entitled “Story Characters to Create.”

That board really helped me organize all of my thoughts, and, though I still have no idea how this story will end, I have high hopes for my writing skills.

Recently, I haven’t really had much time for anything, so this little creative session has been really great.

Well, I’d better be off to jot down a bunch of random thoughts that come towards me in some random notebook that I find in my room, so I’ll see you later. 😉

With love and creativity (ha)

Yellow Eccentricity ❤

1 thought on “Writing

  1. A bit of an impromptu post here, but I really needed to explain my creative breakthrough to an audience of people that might have even the slightest inkling to what I’m talking about.

    Love y’all. ❤

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