Favorites of 2016

Hey, friends. Today, I was reflecting on this year as a whole, and I wanted to post a list of some things that I just recently discovered came to me this year specifically.

  1. Collared shirts

    I love the look that collared shirts gives me. I actually wore one to school today. 😉 They make me feel so important and authoritative. This is definitely a 2016 obsession.

  2. Dance Moms

    I decided to start watching Dance Moms early this year, around April. I watched the end of season 6A, then went back to the beginning and watched to the end from the very first episode on Lifetime.com. All through this, my favorite dancer has been Kendall.

  3. The Fosters

    This is a summer obsession. I finished the first three seasons on Netflix, then watched the little bit of season four that’s on Demand, and I’m anxiously anticipating the winter premiere January 31, 2017.

  4. Pentatonix/Sup3rfruit

    Ahh! I have no idea how I discovered Pentatonix years ago, but this year I really started to love them. I also started watching Sup3rfruit, and I think these two things are my greatest obsession this year. I got to go to my first concert ever in November, which was Pentatonix, and seeing them to close in front of me made me smile so large I almost started crying right there, then I went home and cried in my room.

  5. Mario Kart

    I’ve loved Mario Kart since elementary school, but this year I started playing more avidly, and…

  6. Glee

    What a coincidence! I just happen to be watching Glee as I write this right now. I’m nearing the end of the series, and I love it love it love it.

  7. Bath and Bodyworks

    First time I was in B & B: October 1st, 2015. Last time: November 25th, 2016. All I have to say, is that I have a giant basket full of Bath and Bodyworks products on my dresser in my room.

  8. Primark

    Hmm. When was the last time I shopped here? Oh yeah, Monday. Primark has low prices, but quality stuff. Really, I bet you could buy two full outfits with $25. Just make sure you check the signs of the displays they’re on for the pricing, and check the tags on the clothing. It gets a bit confusing, but…I love it.

Happy New Year!

Yellow Eccentricity

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