It’s December!

Hello, guys, and happy December! My gosh, you have no idea how excited I am for the upcoming month! This month is my birthday, then Christmas, and then I also celebrate Kwanzaa.

I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately, and using the “I’m busy” excuse is wearing out, but it’s still true. My German exchange student left Tuesday, and meetings, events, and rehearsals have been lining up since the moment she left. Last night, I was up in bed thinking to myself, “It’s almost like I’m abandoning everything in my personal  life so far this month.”

So I’m going to do just the opposite.

I will finish books! I promise to you and to myself that I will finish more than two books this month. Especially with winter break.

In August, I posted 16 times. This month, I will be working to beat that, while also keeping the posts interesting instead of just filling in space with nonsensical pieces that don’t mean anything.

So, this is one so far, and I have 15+ to go!

(Pauses when she realizes that this is going to be so ridiculously hard.)

(Then thinks about the fact that she’s gonna do it anyway!)

Yellow Eccentricity


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