Why do I read for fun? Why is reading so enjoyable to me?

Cause I’m an antisocial nobody with a thirst for something more.

Essentially, yes.

But lots of people wonder why, and it startles me when I realize that they genuinely have no freaking idea.


This makes me scared.

You know, those moments when you’re talking to your friends, and you suddenly say the word “exasperated” and suddenly everyone’s all over you, talking about how they have absolutely no idea what it is you’re talking about.

See, reading expands the vocabulary. I learned this when I started to write stories in fifth grade, and my teacher responded by pegging me the “best writer he’s ever had in his class.”

(That’s a direct quote, by the way.)

It was him that got me into it, too. He told me about the Percy Jackson series, and I basically binge-read all of the books from September, all into November.

It started with the Percy Jackson books, then moved on into books like the Unwanted series by Lisa McMann, then The Hunger Games, Divergent. Then I took to YouTube, realizing that nobody could discuss books with me without getting bored.

I discovered people like Christine of polandbananasBOOKS.

I apologize for the nonsensical post today, friends, but I just wanted to let you know, that I would not know the things that I know today if it wasn’t for books, and that fewer people realize this because of technology and social media and others.

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