It’s November!

You guys, it’s officially November, and I’m so excited! I’m up here in my bed at 11:40 PM on a Saturday, ready to post again. Just so you know, I do actually have some posts planned for you (A list and two movie reviews.) But those seemed to be slowly, so I’m here.

(I am just about ready to throw my freaking Kindle out of my bed, I am so frustrated! Note to all: do NOT try to post from your Kindle fire. The keys are so freaking small, especially when you hold the thing vertically.)

Personal Updates: For school, I had to choose a book to read with a movie adaptation currently out , so I chose Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews . Today I went on a whole big spree, and I’m more than halfway through the book already. If you like John Green, you’ll DEFINITELY like Jesse Andrews, because their writing styles are so similar and both are extremely hilarious and intelligent individuals.

I’m also reading Prodigy by Marie Lu. Honestly, I should be done this book. I went on a trip to Washington DC about a week ago, brought it with me, and now I can’t find it. I know that I got really angry sometime between now and then and I threw it, (A little bit about me.) but I can’t find it and it’s frustrating me. Anyways, I’m pretty far into the book and hopefully I’ll find it soon so I can finish it and move on with my to-read list. 

 The third and final book that I’m currently reading is called Clockwork Prince and it’s by Cassandra Clare. I’m about 80 pages into this book, mainly because I put it down over a three-month period. (The summer.) I haven’t picked up in a while, but I just recently “rediscovered” it, and I haven’t been disappointed so far, so I’m ready to dive back in after finishing the other two books above, so I can eventually finish the Trilogy this one  is a part of.

Life update: In my school, there is a program called the German Exchange. I have a German Exchange student, her name is Linda, and she will be arriving in America in less than two weeks. I’m so excited to show her all around my home state, teach her about American culture, and just make a new friend. I may not be posting a lot during that time, but I really do hope that I can find some time to fit in a couple. She doesn’t leave until the end of November. But, this does open up an opportunity for me to give you a photo journal–like post for when I go over and stay in her home in Germany. Unfortunately, that won’t be happening until mid to late May, but definitely expect that in 2017.

Thanks for reading! Please comment below any questions or thoughts you might have for me. I’ll be sure to read them.

– Yellow Eccentricity

1 thought on “It’s November!

  1. Hey, guys! I’m sorry this post is a bit of a mess, this darned Kindle, but I hope my points were conveyed. (Whatever my “points” were.)

    If you’re new here, little fact about me:
    I love sarcasm and parentheses. Expect to see lots of sarcasm in parentheses.

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