GETTING SORTED!! | The Pottermore Chronicles

Hey, guys, it’s me! I’m here to be officially sorted into a Hogwarts house! In the past, I’ve been sort of scared of doing this again, just because I once got Gryffindor, and I’m completely convinced that I’m a Ravenclaw. We’ll see what I get!

Anyway, time to sign up for Pottermore!!

So…I had to delete my past account, and start a new one…


So after I made a whole new account, I clicked on the box that gave me the option of finding out which house I’d be in.



Alright, so the first question asked me “Moon or stars?” I selected ‘moon.’


The next question asked me which pet I’d choose if I were attending Hogwarts. I chose a black cat, even though I’m severely allergic to them. I would want either a cat or an owl, but all the other kinds I looked up on Google Images, and they’re UGLY!


The next question asked what I would do in a certain scenario. Long story short, it asked me what I’d do if I were walking down a dark street, and all of a sudden I heard a noise. I responded with the smart answer.


Question 4: Which of the following do you find more difficult to deal with? I forget every option other than the one I chose, which was loneliness.


5: Another list question: Which of the following would you hate people to call you? Ignorant. I hate ignorant people, so I will not take being called ignorant lightly.


6: What kind of instrument most pleases your ear? I chose piano. The others were violin, trumpet, and something else I really can’t remember right now. I play the cello, so I know a lot about what the violin sounds like. (Screeeeech!) But, I also play the piano.


7: If you could have one power, what would you choose? The power to read minds. It would be cool to know what others really think of me, as opposed to what they say, you know?


Final question! 8: Black or white?



You guys, guess what house I got? Hmm, I’ll make you wait a bit.

Thanks so much for reading! Comment down below what you’d like to see me do on Pottermore next, as well as your house. I’d love to know!

Yellow Eccentricity.





P.S; I got this:








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