Lending People My Books

For those of you that love to read and cherish your books, I really hope that you can relate to some of these stories I’m about to tell you. See, I like to read and buy my books, but I also like to keep them in top condition. I have now learned that if you want your books to stay in perfect condition, or at least ‘gently read,’ then you’re not supposed to lend them to people! Trust me, I learned this the hard way: your books will not come back in the desired condition.

For those of you who have read/bought any books by Cassandra Clare, you know that her books generally cost more than the average book. Usually, paperbacks will cost $9.99 USD or maybe even $10.99 USD in the store, but her paperback books always cost either $12.99 or $13.99. So all six book of the Mortal Instruments series are paperback on my shelf.

First sign of danger.

My friend…we’ll call her Dot right now, asked if she could borrow them. She started with City of Ashes and finished with Heavenly Fire. If you saw my copies of these books…you’d be appalled. Books 1-5 are covered in packaging tape because of how much the covers are peeling.

One day, in school, my friend (Let’s call her Lou.) said, “Hey, I think this is your book in the hallway. It looks just like it.” I just followed her all the way down the hall, looked to the left, and gasped.

There was my copy of City of Heavenly Fire, sitting there on the heater.

I was livid. 

That heater just happened to be right across the hall from my math teacher, who just happened to be Dot’s homeroom teacher. He came out of his class and said, “What’s going on out here?” I then told him what my friend did, and he said, “Okay.” and just went back inside.

I later confronted my friend about it, and she said that she didn’t leave my book on the heater. In fact, she said she couldn’t find my book for a short period of time. To me, it didn’t matter that she wasn’t the one to leave my book in the hallway. I was upset about the fact that she lost my book and didn’t tell me.

As I’m writing this now, I realize that it was probably somebody in the custodial staff that put the book right on the heater the night before, as when all of this went down it was around 8:45 in the morning.

Anyways, I took my book home, and she was forced to check out the book from the district library so she could finish it. I did feel guilty about leaving her without a book like that at first, but then I considered the conditions of the other books she borrowed, and all was fine. 😉

Here’s another story, a pretty short one. I lent my friend a copy of Much Ado About Anne by Heather Vogel Frederick (A bit more of a kids’ book, to be completely honest.) , and never got it back. I know she still has it, but I haven’t seen her in 2+ years, and she’s a year older than me, so I’m a bit scared to ask her for it back right now.

Bottom line: be careful with who you lend you books to.

Thanks for reading! Comment some of your book lending mishaps down below!

Sending her best,

Yellow Eccentricity

1 thought on “Lending People My Books

  1. littlebookbutterfly September 12, 2016 — 17:44

    There have been so many times when people haven’t returned my books AT ALL 😦
    Now, whenever someone asks if they can borrow my books it’s like *resting bitch face on*


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