Paperback vs. Hardback Books

Hello, friends! Today, I am going to discuss with you which I prefer: Paperback books, or hardback books. The answer might be simple to some, I know I thought my answer was clear, but there always seem to be more factors contributing to decisions like this. I know I’m making it sound like this is a huge, life-changing decision that needs to be made, but I’m known to be pretty indecisive.

So, when I was a little newbie book-hoarder, I thought: “All I want are books. I don’t care about the quality, or what it looks like.”

But now, I love for my books to be displayed. I hate it when people borrow my paperback books, because I know they’ll be ruined. I let one of my friends borrow The Mortal Instruments series, and I have packaging tape all over five of them, and the sixth one she left sitting on top of a heater in the school hallway. Needless to say, I won’t let people borrow anymore paperbacks.

See, I do prefer hardback books, simply for the fact that they’re more attractive on a book shelf. The only thing I have against them is that they are considerably more expensive than paperback books, and finding a hardback book of great quality is hard at Barnes and Noble. With paperback books, they’re more fragile than hardback books, and they cost less.

This is why I am the queen of Barnes and Noble gift cards.

A few things that I have encountered while looking for specific books at my local B&N, is that the editions are never consistent. For example, my copies of Legend, Prodigy, and Champion (All by Marie Lu.) are so mismatched, I nearly didn’t buy them all when I did. My Legend and Champion books are both paperback, while my Prodigy copy is hardback and tearing.

And a few weeks ago, I was at B&N looking for a copy of Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard, and there was one copy on the shelf. It was hardback, and the cover was all wrinkled and ripped.

So, naturally, I didn’t buy it.

So, I guess I judge a book by its cover quite literally, but it does stop me from paying 20+ bucks for a crappy-looking book. You get me?

Still, my final answer is hardback books. They are far more…satisfying, I guess, to read and buy, even though they are more expensive. They’re also easier to keep in good condition. I made the huge mistake of taking a hardcover book to the beach earlier this month, and cover got all curled up and torn. I realized that was the humidity, and that also could have happened to a paperback book, had I decided to bring that to the beach instead.

Basically, paperback books get absolutely ruined at the beach, and while the same thing happened to my hardback, it could have easily been avoided by me simply removing the cover.

Thank you guys so much for reading! Please, share your own opinions in the comments down below. I’d love to hear them.

Until next time,

Yellow Eccentricity

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