DRAMA – Raina Telgemeier

I bet that when people hear the words graphic novel they immediately think of something lame for fifth graders, but this book was written for a much older audience. For those of you in middle school, or looking for something to remind you of all the drama in your middle school years, this book is definitely for you.

And that’s why I gave it a four out of five.

Drama is about a girl in seventh grade named Callie. She has always loved Broadway, and dreams of designing major sets for big shows someday. She has a crush on a guy named Greg, who is in eighth grade.

This book is about everything that happens behind the scenes of your average middle school musical production. You’ve got prop and costume drama, former-friends acting like jerks, and two new friends that are there for the ride. Jesse and Justin, Callie’s newly found theater geek friends, are also in the grade above.

But middle school isn’t always as simple as trying out for a play.

There’s puberty, and girl/boy drama, and the hard task of coming to terms with your sexuality.

So, this book truly shows us the behind the scenes look of middle school, and everything that goes on inside.

This book, I’d probably say, is for readers from the ages 12 and up, but I’m not here to tell all of what you should and should not read. If you’re younger than 12, and you know that you read at a more mature level, (I’m not saying this book is mature, just that maybe seventh grade and up is good.) by all means, go for it!

And for those of you who simply don’t have enough time, I finished the book in about an hour and a half!

So for those of you in the midst of a boring afternoon (Me.) or a long car drive, this is a fun, quick read, about friendship, romance, and most of all, DRAMA.

Thank y’all so much for reading! Comment below any opinions or questions you may have on the book, I’ll be happy to reply!

Mischief Managed,

Yellow Eccentricity

















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