Walking Through A Barnes and Noble

Have you ever walked into the Barnes and Noble, looking for a new book? Chances are, if you’re reading this, the answer is yes. Well, here are a few things that I am definitely guilty of while book shopping.

1. Cover Favoritism- Cover favoritism is something everyone has to have done at least once. If not with books, then with people. Cover favoritism is when you look at something, then make judgments and assumptions based on the outward appearance. I do it ALL THE TIME. If I see a cover with a boy and a girl, faces so close together it looks like they’re about to eat each other’s faces, I probably won’t go for it, but if I see a mysterious looking tree set in front of a dim yellow light, hey, I’m all for it! This is definitely something that I am working towards getting rid of, but it’s in our nature as danger-avoiding creatures.

2. I Can Do It Myself!- This is most common in people who are very often at Barnes and Noble (Including me). These are the people who come to the store looking for a particular book.

“It was here last time, I’m sure it’ll be in the same place.”

“All right, if you say so.”

“I do say so.”

“I can’t find it.”


Yeah, this happens all the time, not just in book stores. You look everywhere, in all book sections. you even look under the tables at Starbucks. That’s how desperate you are. Finally, you give up and ask Customer Service. They say, “Hmm. We have that in stock. It should be in the Young Adult/Teen section. Just over there.” They then point to the exact section you were looking in before.

You thank them, then look again.

There it is. Right in the front, right in plain sight.


3. A Sketchbook??- Barnes and Noble sells books, and all things related to books, and all things you could do while reading books, and…well, let’s just say they sell a lot of stuff for you to waste money on.

Let’s place ourselves in a scenario, huh? Okay, so you’re walking through Barnes and Noble on a rainy Saturday afternoon. You have a coffee from the Starbucks in one hand, and about three $25 gift cards in your back pocket.

Suddenly, you stumble across the sketchbooks. And the puzzles.

A sketchbook?! Well, I’ve always wanted a sketchbook!! (Not really, but you have money, so that’s what you tell yourself.)

And some puzzles? Well, I could definitely use something to do for the rest of my day. (Not really, but you still have money, so that’s what you tell yourself.)

You buy two large sketchbooks and a 1,500 piece puzzle that you claim you’re gonna do as soon as you get home.

You never touch that stuff again.

“I knew I had a puzzle somewhere around here!”

4. Bargain Books- You know those bargain books that they place on these special tables in the front of the store, with a brown sticker on them that says, “Bargain! $4.98!” Here’s how it is with me:

“Ooh, a $5 copy of Pride and Prejudice? Score!”

“A book about photography! I don’t have a camera, but that’s what I want!”

“A biography about Barack Obama? Sure, I’ll read it!”

But you won’t. You’ll never read it. Or any of them, in fact. Something that I always do is look around at the bargain books to see if there’s something that sounds even remotely interesting.

Here’s just a little tip: Don’t waste money on bargain books you probably won’t even read.

Auf Wiedersehen!


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