photo-1505480449763-8f5c78af9caaHello, friends, I hope you’re having a wonderful day! Welcome to Yellow Eccentricity, a lovely place I’m proud to have created with my own two hands and a bunch of time on a computer. 😉

I like to express my extremely colorful personality by discussing my favorite thing: the arts. I love most all forms of the arts, too, from performing arts to liberal arts to digital arts…it’s all art to me, so it’s all found in my heart. I love to read, take pictures, write, listen to music, make music, sleep… anything you’d expect a modern-day teenage art student to love, I probably love.

In my free time, you might find me studying (I should be right now…), watching entertaining videos on YouTube, and talking to my friends. Something very important to me is learning about myself, such as my likes, dislikes, interests…all of my little quirks (and there are quite a lot) and things that make me unique!


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